Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I've said this blog would have "other rants." From the "I Hate America" files, Dateline - Seoul, Korea:

(Residents of the Itaewon area were asked what change they'd make in their neighborhood)

Everybody we asked gave the same answer--Burger King would have to go. It's sad, they said, that Itaewon's most central landmark should be a symbol of America and its corporate hegemony. The King should be dethroned, they insisted, and the building that houses it destroyed.

So then, we asked, what beautiful thing should replace it?

Brad, an English teacher from Vancouver, said the space should be made into a park with ample trees and shade. His friend Jun-sik, a hair stylist from Seoul, said it should become a Starbucks.

I guess Jun-sik doesn't know where Starbucks HQ is.


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