Monday, July 28, 2003

So they win two of three in Houston. Are they still in it? I still say, "No." Not enough Mark Prior. Too many strikeuots. Not enough key hits (more to follow). Too much Wendell Kim. Speaking of the Windmill, how much longer will Dusty put up with this moop? Tommy LaSorda used to coach third at times while he was the manager, Dusty may have even been a Dodger back then. TIme to step out and put Wendell to rest.

Key hitting stats from the Trib this weekend - Cubs hitters with runners in scoring position:
Sammy Sosa             .330

Moises Alou .321
Mark Grudzielanek .240
Alex Gonzalez .221
Damian Miller .212
Eric Karros .216

Yeah, Eric Karros. Can't wait to dump this dude's $9mm salary. He's hitting well, except when you need him to. But Big Choi ain't doing much better with a .179 RISP.

Next comes Arizona and San Fran. Gotta win 4 of 6 to stay in it. Not just because the Cubs are 4 out, rather because they need to start winning at home. 3 under breakeven doesn't cut it. The road record is fine. Gotta get to about 10 to 15 over at home to be legit. That means they need to go about 23-7 the rest of the way. Uhhhh..... Can't see it.

Random jottings....

.... how I hate when fans use "we." I work for a bank, not the Chicago National League Ball Club.
.... six man rotation talk makes me sick. These guys should pitch more, not less, it adds another dead roster spot, days off could mean 7 days between starts, etc.
.... a lawsuit by the Cubs against rooftop owners threatens to force the Cubs to open their books as part of discovery. We (used here, correctly) could once and for all find out how much the Cubs make.


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