Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Through 94 games, the Cubs are an even .500, three games back in the loss column and in 3rd place. They rank 2nd to last in the division in runs scored. The rank as the ninth of 16 in terms of NL record. They've won one series in their last 9. They're on a 11-20 streak since reaching a high water mark of 9 over .500 against Baltimore. 12 of their next 13 series are against teams with winning records. 6 of the next thirteen are against teams eligible for the playoffs if the season ended today.

There's more.

- They count on a lot of garbage players for significant playing time.
- They have a lot of free agents at the end of the year.
- They have three stud pitchers for starters, one of which has declared that he must be signed to a multi year deal by February or he's a free agent in 230 games.
- They have an overrated CF who is young.
- They have a 1B who looks to be an up and commer in flashes, but is not a solid star yet who can force a FA-to-be vet to the bench full time.

The trade deadline approaches in 17 days.

Karros should be gone. He's holding back Choi. Grudz should be gone. He's holding up Hill who's average is up to .285. Alou should be gone. He's holding back Kelton and his $9.5mm for next year could be used on a free agent. Remlinger should be used as trade bait. As should Veres. As should Estes. Wellmeyer should be called up. Cruz should start the rest of the way. Let's see if he is a 4-A player or not.

Get trades lined up for Vidro, Koskie, Lowell, Vazquez. Be ready to sign free agents in the off season like Vlad and Tejada and Castillo.

2004 starts Friday.

I hope. 'Cause 2003 is over.

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