Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Rob Neyer says that the only compelling race in the NL-Central and that the Cubs/Astros are basically a dead heat. I'd love to agree.

Izzy Coming

The team heads to Pittsburgh this weekend for four games with the Cubs' feeder system, also known as the Pirates. But all eyes are on the eye of Hurricane Isabel. With a double header scheduled for Friday, Isabel's spin off rain storms could cause mulitple double headers to be played. Both the Cubs and their AAAA afiliate the Pirates have Monday off. At this point, would it be dumb expect some sort of activity on Monday?

Worry Wart

Is it just me, or does it sure seem that the season may have died with a dropped ball in Puerto Rico and a 1-0 loss to the AA-Reds?

And on the other side of town, the Sux trail the Twinkies by 1 in the loss. Minny Ha ha, with 11 games to play, has 7 with Dee-twah and 2 with the Tribe. I see them going 7-2 in those games. That means the Sux would have to go 10-2 in their last 12 games including 2 wins over the Twinks today and tomorrow to win their division, 9-3 to tie. As the Sux face the Yanks for 3 and KC for 7, I see 2 losses there for sure.

One win by Minnesota today or tomorrow and I think September 29th becomes the start of the "Dick Jauron Death March" as there will be no competing sports story.

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