Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Baseball in Gucci Gultch

Here’s my quick take on the steroids subpoenas. Why haven’t any owners been called? Most of the players being called to testify were named in Jose Canseco’s book. Well, so were owners. Now, it’s pretty clear they ain’t gonna call the one owner that I know was named in the book (even though he lives walking distance from the Capitol), but why not some of the others?

Is it perhaps due to the fact that none of these guys makes good TV compared to the actual athletes? Could it be that this is all a sham to elevate the profiles of the congressmen on the committee? Or, could it be that the owners have better clout with the politicians, which allows them to keep clear of the committee?

Unless Congress wants to subpoena the owners, this is all a sham.

And how stupid is Tom DeLay for scheduling this on the same day as the start of the NCAA basketball tourney? Guess what sports fans are going to be watching? Not the committee hearings, that’s for sure.

Tom Davis (R-VA) is chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, not Tom DeLay. I heard DeLay's name in conjunction with the hearings this AM on the radio and did not check the information myself.

Consider this blatant ignoring of standard journalistic practice my farewell tribute to Dan Rather.

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