Monday, March 14, 2005

Never Doubt the Worrier

Now it's Mark Prior that's hurt. Anyone else out there still believe that his simulated game was "standard operating procedure"? Should I have just said "operating"?

Skimming the quotes, it's all non-denial denials as to when Prior will be back.

"The best-case scenario is that in two or three days, he'd start playing catch and it's completely relieved and we move forward. That's just purely speculation." - Cubs trainer Mark O'Neal

What's the worst-case, Mark?

"I'm optimistic that both of them will be fine." - Jim Hendry, referring to both Prior and Kerry Wood.

But not certain.

There is nothing good about any of this. Those of you who said we worriers were just being alarmists have failed to look at the history of those involved.

And those of you who said that the Cubs should hang on to their young talent and not try to win each year at all costs? This page has referred to a "window to win" that is tied to the young pitchers. That window requires that the pitchers stay healthy.

Wood and Prior are not keeping their end up.

Now, how does not getting Mike Lowell in 2003 look now? How does not getting Carlos Beltran in 2004 look now?

Jim Hendry has always made non-risky moves. The result: Bubkus. Time to make some risky moves, Jim. You've already lost Andy Sisco for nothing.

Move some youth and win.

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