Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cover Story

Over in the Daily Herald, Jim Hendry confronts Will Carroll head on:

"Mark Prior is exactly where he told you he was the other day in his first-day press conference," general manager Jim Hendry said Monday. "I haven't seen any signs of him looking weak or sick that was written today.

"After talking to Larry (pitching coach Rothschild) yesterday, I think Larry felt he (Prior) threw the ball real well."

To borrow a phrase, non-denial denials. And, then there's the big twinkie in the room that Hendry avoided. Notice that there were no denials of shoulder problems, Will's key accusation.

And no statement that he's ready to pitch.

This regime has earned no trust with the public. And, with ticket sales for single games starting Friday, they have every reason to obfuscate right now.

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