Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shotgun Response

By now, many of you have heard that Vice President Cheney was involved in a hunting accident. It seems that Cheney inadvertently sprayed a member of his hunting party with shotgun pellets. That person, Harry Whittington, is in the hospital and expected to be AOK.

What gets me to post this is not to make any comment about the Vice President, or gun control, or what James Brady said (stupid), or anything else about the incident.

What happened tonight, prior to my learning about the incident, was that at 6:58 PM I received a Caller-Id blocked push poll from Wayne LePierre, president of the National Rifle Association. Ok, he called, but it was a recorded call. For the life of me, I could not figure out why the NRA was a push polling me. I don't donate to political parties and there's no election coming up in my area where guns are going to be an issue.

But, then you may recall my position as a school board member. I guess being a minor (ok, the minor-est) elected official makes me a candidate for the NRA to target this message.

If this is how the NRA needs to control this incident, that's their issue. It's just funny, to me, how quickly they've reacted to a story that will only be fodder for Jon Stewart by this time tomorrow.

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