Monday, October 23, 2006

Snooze and Loose

WSCR's Mike Murphy dropped out a rumor today that was directed this way last Friday from The Source. The rumor makes a case for the reason "Interim" is still tacked onto John McDonough's presidential title.

It seems that the Trib may have another candidate in mind for that job, but they can't make him an offer yet. Who is this mystery man?

Dave Dombrowski (Wikipedia profile).

Now, this page has no problem with bringing Mr. Dombrowski over. In fact, such a move should be highly encourages and would be swiftly endorsed by all clear headed Cub fans. On one condition.

Check Dombrowski's current title: President/CEO/General Manager of the Detroit Tigers.

That's the title he should have were he to come here. ALL those titles. Don't set this guy up as McPhail and make him work with Jim Hendry or any other GM. Make DOMBROWSKI be the GM.

Now, as to handicapping this rumor, color me doubtfull. It makes very little sense for a company in the Trib's position to go out and get a guy to restart the organization like a Dombrowski would. It makes more sense to setup a caretaker structure for 2007 and see who might own the team in 2008.

There is a way that this DOES make sense. More on that tomorrow.

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