Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting It All Together

It took a few days to compile the thoughts surrounding Super Bowl XLI. Here they are, for posterity and the 6 people that are interested:

1) If another team wants Lovie Smith as their head coach and that someone offers Jerry Angelo draft picks in exchange, Jerry should do the deal. Lovie is clearly a strong motivator. He's also a poor tactician.

Sure, the Colts would have beaten the Bears 8 times out of 10 games played. The problem with Sunday was that the Colts played one of the 2 games they would have lost. The gameplan was substandard and moves like failing to call time out with 30 seconds left in the first half are the kind of mistakes that cannot happen against a more talented team.

2) The Bears need to draft a QB early in the 2007 draft. With Rex Grossman 1 year away from being a free agent, with uncertainty if he can be any good, and with near certainty that he will be allowed to play out his contract, the Bears cannot enter 2008 with only Kyle Orton and Brian Griese as their only options.

3) Mike Brown IS the best player on the Bears defense. That teams ran roughshod on them as soon as he wrecked his leg speaks volumes.

4) The game really, really sucked from a quality point of view. They called Super Bowl V the "Turnover Bowl" because there were 11 turnovers in that game. What would you call this game? After the first quarter, the game looked more like a pre-season game than a title game.

5) Devin Hester's opening will go down as one of the top five most exciting moments in Super Bowl history. Too bad he chose the wrong camera to stare down after completing his return.

Ivy Chat returns in a few days. As will discussions of the coming spin off of Tribune assets.

And, coming soon, an announcement of something new. And potentially huge.

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