Sunday, February 04, 2007

What a Long, Boring Week It's Been

We're about 90 minutes from kickoff for Super Bowl II (as we only count the ones that include a certain team, from a certain Mid-western town, that starts with a "C", ends with an "O", and in the middle is "HICAG". And this is the first chance that I've had to scribble more than a few words on any topic.

It's been your regular Super Bowl run-up week. That means analysis in detail beyond the absurd, interviews that would make Crash Davis proud, athletes and coaches plugging whatever products that could sign contracts to endorse in the last 10 days, and a trumped up controversy started when Rex Grossman got disgusted answering the same stupid question for the 13 bazillionth time.

Well, we here at Ivy Chat will give you all the analysis you'll need.

This game is not going to be close. Two touchdowns will decide it. What we can't tell you is who will be on the winning side.

Super Bowl XLI will be decided by the two defenses, with the onus on the Colts defense. If the Colts can stop the Bears from running, they'll win going away. On the Bears side, if they can coax Peyton Manning into a turnover or two, the Bears will turn the game into a rout.

Based on his last three games, Manning is almost certainly good for at least 1 pick this evening. That means, can the Colts defense continue as they have in the playoffs and be run stoppers? Or, will the Colts revert to one of the worst run defenses in NFL history?

The betting here is that Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson get the better of the matchup. The betting here is that the Bears roll up close to 200 yards rushing today.

The betting here is somewhere along the lines of Bears 31, Colts 17.


If the guessing here is wrong, and the Colts D shows up, Manning will have three or four extra possessions with the ball. That's a bad recipe for the Bears.

If that happens, the Colts will get a lead. That will lead to Rex Grossman trying to throw two touchdowns with every single pass. And that means, Colts 41, Bears 20.

It's too bad that Mike Brown and Tommie Harris aren't in this game or there would be no doubt at all about a Bear win. But they aren't here. And that leaves some uncertainty.

But not enough uncertainty.

Expect the Bears to get rings with two diamonds in the center.

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