Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Advice

While Derrek Lee is just tearing up Arizona with his .125 batting average (have some meat if you think I hate Derrek), today we offer some advice for Barack Obama and three New York politicians that are currently affecting his campaign for the presidency.

With Hillary Clinton now being sandwiched between Geraldine Ferraro and Elliot Spitzer, there are a few things Barack can do to really box Hillary in.

First, he can call for Spitzer to leave. Now, that may happen this morning before Barack can speak. But, even so. Barack should state that there is no place in government for leaders who ignore laws and create an aura of corruption. Hillary will be unable to respond because of her history with Bill Clinton. If she calls for Spitzer's resignation, she can be asked why Bill didn't resign. If she's silent, the questions of hypocrisy will be floated.

As to Ferraro, Barack has already come out and said the standard response:

I don't think that Geraldine Ferraro's comments have any place in our politics or the Democratic Party. I would expect that the same way those comments don't have a place in my campaign, they shouldn't have a place in Senator Clinton's.

That's OK, but there is a better response that fits in perfectly with Barack's campaign theme and would put Hillary on the defensive.

What he should say is, "I am deeply troubled by what Geraldine Ferraro has said. I am even more troubled by the pattern of troubling statements from the members of the Clinton campaign. While my campaign upholds high standards of ethics, we have come to expect a much lower standard from the Clinton campaign. We have no expectation that Hillary will renounce and reject these comments as such actions remain part of the old, tired politics currently employed in Washington. This is sad and disappointing, but thoroughly expected."

Don't call on Hillary to fire Ferraro. Say that Clinton doesn't have the morals to do what's right. That would be placing Shrillary on the defensive.

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