Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Time Move

At about 6 PM Chicago time last night, all hell broke loose on Twitter (you can follow me there @ivychat) with the cross posting of Steve Buckley's Boston Herald article:

Two baseball sources have confirmed that Theo Epstein is on the cusp of leaving his job as general manager of the Red Sox to accept a position with the Chicago Cubs that is believed to include powers greater than he has in Boston, with an announcement expected to be made "within the next 24 to 48 hours."

Now, this isn't a done deal yet. There's still the possibility that Tom Ricketts will go Full McCaskey and make this McGinnisGate II. But if they don't, this signing will go down as the biggest acquisition for the Cubs franchise since Dallas Green acquired Rick Sutcliffe. That move by Green told the world that the Cubs weren't screwing around anymore.

This move is a little different. If the Ricketts get Theo, it's because they can't afford to screw around anymore. The days of Jim Hendry's lack of organizational development, Crane Kenney's douchbaggery, and Mike Quade's sheer cluelessness are over.

Empty seats always bring change. In 2006, empty seats brought Lou Piniella, Ted Lilly, Jason Marquis, and Alfonso Soriano. In 2011, the empty seats brought the Ricketts something they didn't expect.


When they bought the team, the Ricketts believed they had a cash cow. They believed as Tom told his dad: They sell out every game, win or lose. After 2 seasons of ownership and having a winning record for 48 hours of that time, the sellouts were over.

The Ricketts, who want, more than anything else, to be multi-generational owners, discovered they had more risks than they realized. They need to repay debt and they need another $300 million to rebuild their crumbling, outdated physical plant known as Wrigley Field.

With attendance down, cash flow fell and debt became harder to service. Furthermore, with fans avoiding the park, it would be impossible to get new Mayor Rahm Emanuel to sign off on a tax grab. Why give $300 million in a down economy with record city deficits to support a venue, owned by billionaires, that no one is using?

They had to do something.

Were this 2006, the answer would be easy. Albert Pujols in left, Prince Fielder at first and CC Sabathia and CJ Wilson on the mound. That's not possible now. What is?

A face of a winner. This face.


Hiring Theo works for the Cubs and the Ricketts on multiple levels. With the Red Sox, he's built a successful organization. He's won two titles. He's worked with a city to update a landmark baseball stadium. And he's done all this in a major media market.

That means that Theo brings the gravitas, and political cover, to allow Emanuel to give the Ricketts their tax grab. This doesn't mean the tax financing is a done deal, but Andrew Friedman or Josh Byrnes or Rick Hahn don't have the resume to give Rahm the help needed. Only Theo Epstein and Brian Cashman have the background to get this done.

If Theo Epstein is introduced as the Cubs next President of Baseball Operations, the Ricketts have bought themselves more than just a GM. They've bought credibility. And probably a cashier's check in the amount of $300 million.

If they blow this, they better get Cashman. Or they better get ready to run back to Omaha.

The multi-generational ownership plan will likely be determined in the next few days.

If this deal goes down, and I believe it will, Theo has his work cut out. I was season ticket-holder for the BoSox at one point and still follow the Sox closely. I think this could be a win-win deal, the only question remaining is the compensation to the BoSox.
I look like a bigger clown everyday...Chuck care to join me?
We now stinkx!
Can I stay as manager?
Can I wear a gorilla suit everyday to work? If not, I am not coming!!
Theo, you can wear the gorilla suit after we win a World Series.
I'm attaching myself to Theo's hip again. I am no good on my own!
Who cares about Theo, I took my Cards to the WS again. Prince Albert and pitching will overcome the Rangers and I will be back next year to trash the Cubs some more.
Fat Albert is going to suck on my 6HR's in a series!
Al Yellon of BCB writes that I blew saves that handed the Cardinals a post season wild card. He further suggests the Cards should give me a partial World Series share. He must be sniffing glue again.
I could become more hated then the Billy Goat...
Chuck must take more crack then Marion Barry to think I am coming to Chicago if the Theo deals falls through. To hell I am going to clean up that mess!
Tell Chuck, "Fuck him and Martz!"
Good thing I brought back the goatee back. Looks like after screwing up another story by jumping the gun on it, I will be on my knees in order to save my job again!
I imagine that Kap's job is safe. He isn't paid to be a journalist, but to get ratings on his radio and TV programs. Any publicity is good publicity.
If Kap blows it for the Cubs, he can always become our cheerleader. We always need good press!
I fucked up
We will beat Nolan Ryan's Rangers silly.
I'll crap bigger then Tony LaRussa!;_ylt=AsrjPJJbevkKi7p9IL4LwWIRvLYF?slug=ap-cubs-epstein

We just crapped our pants. Clean up in our Aisle 5 Chuck!
Maybe I'll stay after all...
Move aside Ryno, I am joining Theo in Chicago.
Apparently we got the Bears phone providers!
I'm truly am a bitch....
I want to stay a Cub, maybe Theo will let me stay.
Like I said, I did end up with the right team.
I already got a ring bitch and didn't have to turn Cub nation against me.
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