Thursday, November 20, 2003

"If sport isn't believable, why keep watching?" scribes Jay Mariotti in a diatribe on why fans aren't more upset by the steroid/THG abuses that abound. Simple. Because sport is entertaining.

Should we stop going to movies like the Matrix (despite their awfulness) because the battle scenes are computer generated? What's next? Complaints that the Hulk was a bad movie because it was unrealistic? Pam Anderson is unwatchable because her boobs are fake?

The American people are worn out by the world. People dying in bomb attacks. A war that was over in March that still claims dozens of youn men's lives each week. An economy that hasn't put people to work in three years. Debts, both personal and public, that threaten to over burden our children. These people need escapsim. I know I do. Yet I should be upset because Sammy's home run binge might be chemically enhanced? Urlacher's sacks of a few years ago might be a byproduct of a needle? He just doesn't get it.

And I thought I was kidding when I suggested Jay was a fish fart.

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