Wednesday, November 26, 2003

While the Sloth and I were downing pasta yesterday (pasta salad for me, linguini and meatballs for him), the name "Richie Sexton" came up. I said to the Sloth, "I'd rather get a guy from a team that the Cubs are going to have to contend with. Like... What's the name of the guy in Florida?"

I went on to use the better example of Bagwell. How getting a Bagwell not only makes the Cubs better, but it makes a quality opponent worse. Milwaukee sucks. Might as well leave Sexton there where he won't bother anyone.

The I come home to see Lee (which is better than C Lee of the South Siders).

Excellent move. All the bitching about the loss of Choi? SHUT UP. He was average at best. His ceiling was sharply lowered last year and he got closer to the floor. The bitching about no position players coming out of the Cubs minors? The point of the minors is to yield solid pros. THAT IS JUST WHAT HAPPENED. The Cubs minors just yielded a 30 homer, gold glove 1st baseman! The bitching about the money....?

Now here, there may be a point. I want TejadaVidro. If getting Lee means none of those guys, then I'm not so sure I love the deal. If my choice is Lee / A Gonz vs. Tejada / Choi, I might go with #2. But not by much.

Besides. The Cubs have oodles of cash to play with. And they free up another $9.5mm after this season when Alou leaves. Money isn't an issue.

Gimme a lineup of Vidro Tejada Sosa Lee Alou Ramirez Patterson Miller and the sign reads AC 000000.

As to the Sloth? Poor guy was forced to cheer for the most overrated team in NCAA Hoops History, the 1989 Illinois Fab 6'5"ers. Other than that? Gotta try a few more restaurants with him. 'Specially as April 1 approaches.

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