Monday, December 29, 2003

Gridiron Chat

I just completed my third consecutive Bear season without watching a single game the whole way through. I used to be a huge Bear fan. That was destroyed by Dave Wannstedt who systematically tore fan passion to the ground. I remember what I wrote way back when Wanny was canned. A lot of that holds true today, if the Bears go ahead and fire Jauron.

Now, not having watched 60%+ of Jauron's tenure, perhaps I'm not qualified to comment on his job status. Then again, I'm not creating an insane opinion in an effort to drive up my Arbitron ratings like the guy on WSCR in the afternoons. Anyway, here it goes:

Dick must be cut. The team needs to play better, smarter, and earlier in the season. A hot finish doesn't excuse a 1-5 start. Someone better able to handle a young QB must come in. And the GM must be allowed to be a GM. In any smart organization, the boss must hire the underlings. Billy Beane has it right. In what business does a production line manager (i.e. coach) have input on the executive level? With the Bears, the GM didn't hire the coach. It's time to correct that.

Cut Dick.

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