Monday, December 29, 2003

Jerry Rigged at Halas Hall

Angelo scores huge today. He gets a contract through 2008! A HUGE HUGE HUGE vote of confidence and transfer of power. Good boy Jerry. Now prove that the 2003 draft wasn't a fluke. And signing an effective free agent might be nice.

But the Bears have a GM. No McCaskey interference in football maters. That's tremendous. This is something that's been needed since 1987 - since Jerry Vainisi was fired. I think we are seeing the unwinding of the Mike McCaskey mess that started with the firing of Vainisi and culminated in the ill-timed hiring of Angelo (post 2001 draft making Angelo's first year almost meaningless).

This was further evidenced at the press conference by the fact that there was no sign of Mike McCaskey. He was all over the Wanny/Hatley/McGinnis/Jauron fiascos.

One more question:

Which assistant wanted to have a chair held out for him?

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