Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Move that Wins a Title

I'd forgotten about this guy in the off season, but he bring's a title to Wrigley. He fills so many holes. He could hit leadoff. He's fabulous defensively. He hits for power. He walks. His OPS is so high it's sickening.

And he could be had for the right price.

Now, KC thinks that they can win the AL Central. And they are right. They also stand to lose Carlos at the end of the year. So make them a deal that allows them to still contend. How about Korey Patterson and his over-rated hype for Carlos? Throw in Jae-kuk "Osprey Boy" Ryu. Or maybe Andy Sisco. Do they want Alou? I'd pay enough of Alou's salary to make it revenue neutral for KC (i.e. Carlos' money=Korey+Alou's money).

Probably not enough to do the deal, and Hendry doesn't have the stones to do it. But were Carlos in center there'd be blue W's on white flags over Waveland and Sheffield through October.

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