Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Train Now Arriving

Ivy Chat has been granted the appropriate L stop on the Chicago Blog Map. Thanks to Paul for getting this Ivy on the Map.

New Year's Resolutions

- Sammy Sosa resolves to hit the cutoff man.
- Kerry Wood resolves to not lose his cool when a pitch 3 inches outside is called ball four.
- Alex Gonzalez resolves to CATCH THE FRICKIN' BALL.
- People with front row seats at Wrigley resolve NOT TO CATCH THE FRICKIN' BALL.
- Derek Lee resolves to be much happier to be a Cub than the last power hitting first baseman the Cubs acquired from a Florida MLB team.
- Dusty Baker resolves to pitch starters as relievers in playoff games.
- Jim Hendry resolves to make a big big BIG move.
- Korey Patterson resolves to watch tapes of Shawon Duntson batting.
- Matt Clement resolves not to go to Ford's Theater.
- Mark Grudzielanek resolves to play shortstop.
- Joe Borowski resolves to go on a diet exclusively of Due's Pizza.
- Moises Alou resolves to wait until November to apply for his AARP card.
- Dick Pole resolves to get a walk on spot on Family Business.

- And Chuck resolves to continue rambling about the ivy and take his 16 month old kid to Wrigley before he turns 2.

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