Thursday, January 15, 2004


I was a student at the U of Iowa back in 1988. The Caucus process was a remarkable experience. I got to meet and greet a fair number of candidates: Pete DuPont, Paul Simon, Dick Gephardt, etc. That kind of made me the sidebar political junkie I am today.

I was surfing the DesMones Register's web site today and I came across this as part of a quiz on candidate profiles. It seems Dennis Kucinich actually does or has ALL of the following:

- Sign in office says polka, bowling and kielbasa are hallmarks of civilization.
- Sings spontaneously at funerals and other public events.
- Bars staff from parking foreign cars in congressional lots.
- Likes matzo and drinks hot water, rather than coffee and tea.

And this guy got elected to Congress? And he later made these.... Idiosyncrasies.... known to the public?

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