Friday, January 16, 2004

I'm Bored

I'm not going to the Cubs' Con (as in conned out of $50 bucks) this weekend and Maddux won't sign anywhere until next week. So there's no baseball news. The Bears are done making news for a while. The Iowa caucus is too close to call. So now what? I guess I'll steal another Sloth idea and make a list.

10 Things That Piss Me Off
1) People who turn left at a 4 way stop sign and cut off a person going straight
2) Not raising the seat on a men's public toilet before you piss
3) Bitching about the cold weather in Chicago in January
4) Alex Gonzalez not getting more heat for a gaffe that could have landed Mody Dick
5) Steve Alford being unable to make a winning team yet still allowing felons to remain on the team
6) Reality TV and the lack of creative entertainment now available on the networks
7) Glenbrook North's (my alma mater) answer to the Powder Puff incident -- a touchy, feely, full of crap task force that solves nothing
8) Nine figure lottery winners
9) Wendell Kim
10) $1 trillion in debt my kids are gonna be taxed to pay off

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