Friday, January 02, 2004

A Moment of Silence

Brian Carstens's blog, the Untitled Cubs Page, is going dark. Seems the daily drag of making his personal opinions known to the 7 people with enough time to waste to read them was too much drudgery. Meanwhile, those of us who DO have enough time to waste writing will continue espousing our self serving opinions on everything from Juan Cruz's facial hair to the Atkins diet.

Brian, you will be missed.

Uncouth Sloth Signs with Padres

While my lunch buddy has the corpyright on that name, the Fair Use Doctrine allows me to purloin the name to talk about David Wells. And the fact that Wells truly fits the name while Sloth Rob only evokes the image. The contract's terms are inconsequential. The big deal is that this means that the Pad's rotation probably can't fit Greg Maddux.

The stars are aligning to land Greg with the Cubs, along with Pudge. Now sign Greg, then package Abe Lincoln and Strikeout Korey over to KC for Beltran.

And while I'm dreaming I'd like a pony, too.

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