Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Stupid is as Stupid Does

How does a 22 year old, Arican-American male with a collegiate 3.75 grade-point average in a double major in Social Studies Secondary Education and sociology who was a Rhodes Scholar nominee, inducted into the Mensa society in May 2001, and named to the National Dean's List for three consecutive years get turned down for a job?

Simple. Apply to be a teacher in the Atlanta Public School system.

Now, you say, there must be some other problem. Was he applying for a PE job? Were the district's social studies positions filled? Nope. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a letter from the applicant where he says that the rejection letter he received said, "your demeanor and therefore presence in the classroom would serve as an unrealistic expectation as to what high school students could strive to achieve or become. However, it is highly recommended that you seek employment at the collegiate level; there your intellectual comportment would be greatly appreciated. Good luck."

Nice. He was gonna be too smart for the kids. I've got to get on the school boards of every school my kids will attend.

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