Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Battle of Initials

After tonight, it looks like the opponents in the Battle for the White House will be finalized. It's gonna be GWB versus JFK. If only it were the JFK and not the one who looks like Boris Karloff.

I really want to have a president that I can trust and admire. In the last few elections, each of my top choices (both GOP and Dem) has gotten eliminated at the primary level. Looks like a Kerry sweep tonight will result in that again.

Why can't people who are honest and full of integrity and positive in message get elected anymore in this country?

A few weeks back, I wrote that the nomination was John Edwards' to lose. He lost it in New Hampshire by 2,000 votes. He needed to finish third to get a gaggle of press saying how he kept beating expectations. He finished 1,000 votes behind Wesley Clark. Because of this, the story was all on Kerry's huge win and Howard Dean's collapse. Well, Edwards can look forward to either the VP slot or 2008 or 2012 when he runs against Hillary.

Edwards spent too much time in South Carolina. He needed 2,000 votes in New Hampshire. For the lack of that, an Oval Office shot was lost.

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