Friday, February 13, 2004

Bay City on Maddux

The Giants have made an offer to Maddux. And it's less than the Cubs have offered. From this article is this key graph:

... the Giants are banking on the 37-year-old pitcher's desire to extend his career with them even if they don't offer the biggest contract because of the ballpark and their consistency in reaching the postseason.
Boras' history is to make his client sign for the most money, regardless of situation (aka Pudge). That means the Cubs are still in the driver's seat.

I'm getting less and less excitec about Maddux for 2 years at $7 mil per. I'd much rather go with Cruz / Guzman, lose Clement, Ramirez and Alou at the end of the year and make big bids on Beltran and Chavez next year. Using $7 large on Maddux would wipe out either of those guys playing in Wrigley. And both would be upgrades to Patterson and Ramirez.

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