Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The ellipses...

So many things. We'll try to touch them all. Maddux is coming back. I'm not a big fan of this deal. 3 years, $24 million. $6mm in 04, $9mm in 05 with a $9mm payout for 06 if certain targets are hit (innings, wins, Jeff Bagwell). I would rather free the money up to spend on third base and CF. Then again, were the Trib to start spending like Steinbrenner, then this is a great deal.

...Maddux should pitch between Wood and Prior. That would guarantee Wood or Prior to pitch in every three game series the Cubs would play.

...the talk is that Zambrano will benefit the most from Maddux, but I'm hoping that it's Wood. Maddux is a very efficient pitcher at just over 13 pitches per inning. Wood was at almost 17. Go teach, Professor.

...Roz breaks down how the Maddux deal came to be.

...with Maddux in the fold, the only worries now are center and catcher. And center worries me most.

...if I were John Kerry, I would not like the look in my rear view mirror. The man that can beat you and move into 1600 Penn. Ave. just rubbed your back bumper. And Dubya can't be too happy either. His guys just spent a week tearing into Kerry. And it worked. Bush may just have screwed up in reverse like Hawkeye and Trapper in the first M*A*S*H episode, ever.

...and a quick Kudos to Rooftop Report for getting not only a mention, but a link in Mickey Kaus' blog. I've only been blind quoted in his rag. Nice work!

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