Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Juicy Talk

There are so few issues with the Cubs right now there's not really much to write about other than a roundup of news articles or critics of the critics. Yeah, I could wax rhapsodic on amending the constitution to protect marriage (the best way is, of course, to outlaw adultery and divorce). Kerry vs. Edwards is pretty boring right now. I guess Botox guy will wrap it up next week and leave us with no real choice for the fall.

But the one issue that seems to be burning everyone's veins right now is 'roids. Here's my take.

Ballplayers of all sports: TAKE ALL THE JUICE YOU WANT.

I watch you to be entertained and I don't care how you do it. You are no different in my eyes from actors in terms of your value to my life. You serve as a break from the reality of life. It bothers me not one iota that you would enhance yourself to earn more money and put on a better show. If Jason Giambi wants to load up on dianabol to get a bigger rise out of ball is the same as Pam Anderson loading up on silicon to get a bigger rise out of a few million men's balls. Let Barry Bonds do HGH and make $20 million per year and risk becoming dead like Lyle Alzado. Let Lil Kim make big bux while constantly undergoing the knife and risk looking like Joan Rivers.

And don't give me any crap about what athletes on drugs are as statements for kids. I have 2 kids (more on this soon!). Statements for my kids come from me and my wife. If they do 'roids it's a failure on me, not Sammy Sosa.

Play the games and make my $35 ticket worth the price I paid.

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