Thursday, February 12, 2004

St. Loser on Maddux

No, he hasn't signed with the Deadbirds. has a chat posted with Card GM Walt Jocketty.
----- What are the chances of the Cardinals landing Greg Maddux?

Jocketty: It's always a possibility until he signs, but it's very remote. I'm not clear that we're really a priority for him. I think the West Coast is a priority for him. Are there ongoing discussions with Scott Boras about Maddux?

Jocketty: We don't talk every day but we have discussed it with him recently
The key here is the west coast thing. Now I don't get it. Unless he signs with San Diego (where his new house is), what difference does it make where he plays? He can't go home each night from Pac Bell to see the kid's tee ball game any more than he could from Yankee Stadium! If he does, it's only if Maddux has a deal where he only spends 3 days a week with the team.

And if that's allowed, the Maddux-as-pitching-coach benefit is severely mitigated. And I wouldn't allow that if I were in Hendry's place.

There are no other offers. Greg's starting to become Fred McGriff.

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