Saturday, March 13, 2004

Buried Again

Trib Headline: "Maddux sharp in 2nd start, striking out 8"

But the story is in paragraph 5: Prior sidelined indefinitely.

Cubs trainer Dave Groeschner said after Friday's game that Prior's first bullpen session in two weeks was postponed from Saturday to an undetermined date. Groeschner said there had been no setback with Prior's Achilles' tendon injury, but the Cubs thought he should rest his arm after three days of playing catch.

One of the oldest political tricks in the book is to release a story on Friday. That's because no one reads the Saturday papers and by Sunday the news cycle has moved on to other things. And Trib/McPhail sure know the political game.

The key words here are "undetermined date." That means "indefinitely." That means he's possibly hurt worse than anyone is telling.

The Suntimes goes a little better moving the story up to paragraph 2 and has a non-quoted quote from Prior.

Prior admitted that until he gets on the mound and starts slamming that right foot on the ground, there is no way to know if he can possibly be ready to make his first scheduled start of the season April 8 in Cincinnati. And time is running out with Cubs camp set to end in 22 days.

This Mark Prior story is not going away. Just no one is looking at it. At least, not in the professional press.

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