Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Dating Advice

The Chicago Sun Times uses the release of information related to an insurance fraud trial to give the man-on-the-street some tips on how to bag that $300 per hour call girl. It seems that Chicago insurance magnate and Highland Park-based tax cheat (at least according to John Kass' May 30, 2001 column) Mickey Segal used to hire $400-an-hour prostitutes.

Just in case you don't know how to find such women, the Sun Times tell you how.

We walk down Rush Street and talk to Boris Avramenko, a valet for a couple restaurants. At night, he said, hookers are all over. Most work the streets and look cheap, but every so often a really high-class number will walk by.

How can you tell she's a prostitute?

"Everyone can recognize a prostitute," he says.

What does she look like?


Actually, not everyone can recognize a prostitute, not the truly high-end ones. Looking good, but not too obvious, is their style. Spotting them is an acquired skill, well developed only among trained professionals, such as cops and bartenders and conventioneers.

But you can find them in Reader classifieds, under "escort services." Or in the Yellow Pages. Or online.

Or you can strap a Rolex on your wrist and walk into a Rush Street bar and they'll find you.

"You're an older guy and the high-class girls, who are very good-looking, come up and talk to you," said Chicago Police Vice Officer Roger O'Brien. "The next thing you know, she's charging $300."


Chicago has at least 16,000 hookers, according to a nonprofit group, the Center for Impact Research. Most work the streets. Only about 2,000 work for an escort service.


Now we all have something to focus on until Prior's Achilles is all better.

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