Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Do You Get It Now?

The Suntimes reports on Mark Prior's secret trip to serve turkey to the troops... ah... have an MRI on his achillies and elbow. Elbow!?!?! Now where did this come from?

But more directly. Is anyone shocked to hear that Prior was thourougly scanned by docs at Northwestern? Of course not. In fact, you were probably somewhat relieved to hear that finally some medical action was being taken instead of just allowing Mark to rest.

And the reason you were relieved is that the Cubs have slowly been telling you how badly Mark has been hurt through their media leaks. Imagine waking up today, hearing that the Yankees are already losers on the field of play, and thinking how wonderful it will be to watch Wood, Prior and Maddux mow down Redlegs next week. Then you pick up the paper and see "Prior Flown to Chicago for MRI."

You'd barf like a 17 year old at a frat house.

These media leaks are by design. And they work.

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