Monday, March 29, 2004

Follow the Reporters

Based on the Ivy Chat Rule ("Major Cubs' Events are Leaked Through the Media Far in Advance of When They Actually Occur"), it's getting tempting to project LaTroy Hawkins will move into the closer role in the near future. It seems Sweaty Joe Bo has lost a few MPH of his heater.

The Sun Times states very clearly that, "with setup men LaTroy Hawkins and Kyle Farnsworth both capable of trying to be closers with perhaps more electric stuff than Borowski possesses, he will be pressed if he doesn't succeed."

Now I like Joe Bo as much as the next fan. And Right Guard distributor. But what Hendry has done right is to have Hawkins in place as a bona-fide if Joe Bo can't cut it.

And if Kyle can keep his liver producing bile instead of oxydizing CH3-CH2-OH then Jo becomes a great addition to a pen and not the "must perform" piece of the puzzle for the cubs to succeed.

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