Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Homer Nods

This sheet has been very skeptical of Kerry Wood. My doubts about his ability to keep cool and keep his walks to a reasonable level are old news. And I still think that these weaknesses may make him the 4th best pitcher on the team.

That said, KW has had a wonderful spring. ERA of 1.25. Walks down to 0.38 per inning versus 0.47 from last year. WHIP of 1.06 versus 1.19 a year ago.

These are Cy Young candidate numbers. If KW can keep his numbers like this, then the money spent to keep him for an additional three years is well spent.

Prove me wrong, Kerry. Make me look like a stupid piece of diaper filler.

I dare ya'!

New Feature

In the list stack on the right I've added links to potential 2004 free agents that could be mid-year acquisition targets for the Cubs. I did this for my benefit so it's easy for my to see their stats as the season progresses. If you want to check them out, be my guest.

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