Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Primary Event

It's election day here in Illinois. The big race is to see who gets to replace outgoing Senator Peter "anti-business Republican" Fitzgerald. Yeah, this guy did a great thing in appointing a US Attorney who isn't beholden to Mayor Daley, but he's done as much else as Scott Ruffcorn did for the White Sox.

The hot choices on the Dem side are Barack Obama and Dan Hynes. Barack seems like a decent guy. Hynes isn't bad either, but his did is Tom Hynes, a former Cook County Dem big shot. I'm all for stamping out nepotism and the perception of an imperial governing class. You know, people who's parents are life long politicos. Like Bush, Gore, Blagoyevich, Lisa Madigan. Governing shouldn't be the family business. A third option is super-rich millionaire Blair Hull. But he gets disqualified for beating his ex-wife. Yes, you read that right.

On the GOP side, the top dogs are Andy McKenna (son of the former Cub president), Jim Oberweiss and Jack Ryan. McKenna seems harmless and might actually be a good choice. Oberweiss has run one of the most dishonest, racist campaigns I've ever seen. This includes a commercial in which he flies over Soldier Field and claims that enough illegal aliens are crossing the boarder from Mexico every WEEK to fill the stadium. Even if that were true, that seems more of a Texas / California problem. I'm so disgusted I may stop buying his ice cream. The front runner is Jack Ryan. He's not the guy that is in the Tom Clancy novels, rather he's the guy that is also divorced and has hidden the sorid details of why (I guess that makes him smarter than Hull). Who's he divorced from?

He couldn't stay married to that and now you want to be a Senator? You lost my vote.

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