Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Last summer, Carlos Zambrano faced Barry Bonds with the bases (and the batter) juiced. Zamboni got Bonds to line out for the third out of the inning and pumped his fists. "(T)hat kid will respect me. He will learn fast. You've got to show respect in order to get respect," said Bonds afterwards. Carlos retorted, "When he hit his 500th home run, he stood at home plate and watched it a little while, and then he runs. He has been doing that since he was a rookie, so I can do anything I want."

Well, there was a rematch last night and, as the Trib Reports, Bonds got the better of the matchup. Here's what's in the article that everyone is gonna focus on:
Was Zambrano thinking about their faceoff from last July?

"I don't want to talk about that," he said.

Did Zambrano think Bonds was thinking about it during his at-bat?

"I don't care about him," Zambrano said.

But, here's the real story:

"I had a little back problem and then I just made an adjustment and threw the way I'm supposed to throw," Zambrano said.

He said he had a bad night sleeping before the game, which contributed to his bad back.

Urk! Another leak of an injury through the media? What has this page been warning about?

Just YESTERDAY?!?!?!?

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