Monday, March 22, 2004

Soo-prise, Soo-prise!

The Suntimes gets on the Ivy Chat train with a story on Mark Prior and his nearly certain trip to the DL. Key line:

"(Prior) seems likely to stay back in Arizona for extended spring."

Those of us not distracted by Dusty Baker's impression of Greg "Sacks Don't Matter" Blache saw this coming a few weeks back. Dusty told us that Prior was staying for an extended spring training, but did so with a Welch analogy.

As this blog has always tried to use today's news and provide forward looking analysis, here's what to watch for on Prior. Three to four weeks after he first throws off a mound is about when you can expect him to pitch in a game that matters. I'd say look for Prior to start sometime after we all pay our taxes.

What's also key to watch from the Cubs is what they talk about in the media. They continually drop hints about their long term plans in the press so as to desinsitize an issue. They did it with Choi. They did it with Prior.

They'll do it again.

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