Saturday, March 27, 2004

That Darn Media

Are the Cubs at it again? Back in early March, Dusty tipped us all that Prior would be left behind for extended spring training. Today? Check the headline to this story:

"Talk of Prior return in June downplayed"

It seems that the press overheard a rumor that Prior's out until June. Both Larry Rothschild and Dusty baker "downplayed" the rumor. Key graphs:
"It's impossible to answer, but we don't anticipate that," Rothschild said. "I'm anticipating [Prior missing] maybe one or two starts, hopefully. The thing now is to build the arm back up and make sure we don't have any problems there. ... June isn't part of [the scenario] … I don't expect that."

"It's bad they're speculating on a timetable," said Baker.
What don't you see? Denials.

Prior's hurt worse than anyone is letting on. The Cubs are slowly leaking information to set expectations appropriately. I'm not arguing if this type of leaking is good or bad. Simply, Prior is not in good shape and the Cubs are tipping their hand slowly. If you read carefully, this is clear.

I now have my expected first Prior start in mid to late May.

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