Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Who's Dumber? Kids or Schools?

This type of story makes you understand why I am trying to get on my local school board.
11 year-old Dominique Reed is a bully victim. She is the target of choice for the number one bully at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. She gets taunted, pushed and punched. Her hearing aid gets taken and thrown around the playground.

Three times Reed tried to show her tormentors just how tough she was. Acting against the advice of the school, she fought back. Each time she was suspended along with the attacker.

"There’s nothing I can do," she said. "If I tell, nothing happens, and every time I defend myself I get suspended."
My wife is the proud recipient of a cochlear implant. My 4 year old understands that his mom wears a "special ear." Were he ever to treat another kid like this, I'd tan his hide. But, how sick are these school administrators? What's their solution? They keep her alone in her classroom while the rest of her schoolmates (including her bully) go outside to play.

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