Thursday, March 18, 2004

Yeah, baby!

Mark Prior is sore from his first workout in three weeks. But it's normal, stretching out the muscles. But on an ominous note, the article in the Trib today still hints at a DL / extended spring training stint:
If Prior did start the season on the disabled list, it's likely he would remain in Arizona to pitch in simulated games rather than start out with a rehab assignment in the minors.
Until the papers stop hinting at Prior having a delayed start to his season, I'll stop thinking he's injured worse than they say.

But the real news for today is this buried lede. Mark's bored. And why? The Cubs are preventing him from doing almost anything!

"They won't let me do anything," Prior groused. "They don't want me running around. They don't want me to take [batting practice] because of the rotation [of the right foot], having to push off on it. They don't want me to aggravate it. They won't let me play golf, either."

But the worst?

"I can't even shag," says Prior.

Now that's hitting below the belt.

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