Thursday, April 08, 2004


This team does not like to take pitches. I'll venture that it's a factor of not liking to hit with two strikes. The poster child for this is my least favorite Cub, Corey Patterson.

Over the last two days and 8 plate appearences, this guy has seen 25 pitches. He's taken 15 swings. Sure, he's hitting .350 right now. He's not helping the team by taking more pitches. Last night, his first two ABs were 1 pitch ABs. Nice way to let Wilson off the hook. This guy takes a few more pitches early, maybe the Cubs don't get shut out for 8.

What's becoming more and more clear after watching the first three games of this season, two of them losses, is how badly the Cubs need a leadoff hitter. No one seems to be getting on base consistently infront of Sosa et al.

This team really misses Kenny Lofton.

Sosa seems to have broken out of his early funk. Get a few guys on base and the offensive thumpers will have a chance. A good lineup would have a new leadoff hitter and GrudzeWalker should probably bat second. Patterson should be moved all the way down to 7th.

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