Saturday, April 17, 2004

Half Full or Half Empty?

Now I'm as glad as the next person that the Cubs won the game yesterday (you shoulda heard me and the 4 year old in the car). But there were some very disturbing things yesterday that give me pause about the rest of the season.

1) Dusty's colossal screw up. I always see the manager walk over to the ump with his lineup card out when double switching. If Dusty ever fails to do this going forward, he should be placed in the lockup at the police house at Halsted and Addision.

2) Wendell Kim cost the team another run when Barrett tried to hold up at third on a deep fly to Griffey. Kim started Barrett up again. It's too bad with Dusty's screw up and the home runs this gross incompetence gets ignored. Maybe it's just old news now and no one cares. Well, I do!

3) The Farns. He's pitching more like The Pico.

4) Another non-quality start. This team is gonna need bullpen help if they don't start getting starters into the seventh.

5) Patterson showing again that he's as comfortable with bunting as Pam Anderson is with with natural breasts.

Prior Update

I read the article about Dusty commenting on Prior being out for the year. If you read it carefully, Dusty was asked how the team would do if Prior were lost for the year. Unlike with the first reports of Prior's injury, this doesn't look to be a case of the Cubs hinting at something. If this was just a reporter asking a question based upon that moronic New Jersey reporter's article, it's a non-story.

But id this question was pre-empted by a leak, then there's trouble here, Sherri!

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