Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Off Day

While Opening Day is close to a religious event, the day after usually sucks. Why? No game. Yeah, I know it's there in case the game gets rained out, but, come on.

Let's play two in a row!

The Good and the Bad

Lots of people are praising Corey Patterson for a good day yesterday, and I'm forced to agree. For the most part. A home run in his first at bat in 9 months? Very nice.

But there's the little problem of baserunning. Corey has struck me as a rather un-smart player. He doesn't seem to think a lot. I know he's "just trying to make things happen," but he had a problem last year of oversliding bags and such. And yesterday's ninth inning out at 3rd was more of the same.

Until he proves differently, he's still Shawon Duntson in my book.


Top of the list to the right. Carlos baby sunk the Sox with a bomb to left center.

What I wouldn't give to get this guy in Wrigley is a short list.

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