Saturday, April 17, 2004

Texas Idiot

I'm sure some of you think this will be a political post.

Nope. Instead, here's my harangue against Kerry Wood. Sure, Dusty should have pulled Wood a better or two earlier, but Dusty gave the man, now with big bux in his wallet, a chance to be Pedro. Or Shilling. Or Rocket. And what we saw was Texas Oil Can Boyd. What a moron (or moran) the dope from Texas is.

No thoughts of what might happen next half inning when his team needs a walk. No thoughts of what happens the next time Wood faces this umpiring crew. Just a self absorbed asswipe upset that a close ball was called a ball.

Didn't this team learn anything from Alou's blow up after Bartman? It's clear Wood didn't.

It's no big deal. Once Maddux returns to form and Prior is back, Wood will be the #4 pitcher on the team.

Kerry Wood is #2 on the most overrated Chicago sports guy after Brian Urlacher.

Kerry didn't deserve to lose for his pitching. He deserves to lose for his outburst akin to a 3 year old.

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