Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What's Available

Although it's a well known fact that I yearn to have Vidro as a Northside Second Sacker, there are other options. With Grudz down, Todd Walker fills in nicely for him. And that might just due. So where else can one find a guy who can hit at or near the top of the order? Perhaps also in Montreal.

Orlando Cabrera.

Yeah, he's mostly a middle of the order guy, but he has hit leadoff before. He could also hit second and let Walker leadoff. More importantly, his aquisition would move A Gonz to the bench to be the middle infielder backup (I'm sure he could play a few spot starts at second).

Cabrera is solid defensively, stings the ball, and is a free agent at the end of the year. That makes him a possible trade target mid-year for Montreal.

Vidro is the primary. But Cabrera would work.

He's on the wish list.

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