Thursday, June 10, 2004

21 Gun Salute Soon. Six Feet Under Sooner

In November 1980, I won a landslide election at Maple Junior High running as the faux Reagan in the school's mock election. I studied the man and wrote my own speach based upon his proposals. Suffice to day, I was a fan when he assumed the presidency. Now, after his death and 23 years to observe what he left behind, I've got plenty of thoughts about Ronald Reagan. Some are good, some are bad. Here's what I'll write about.

Get the man's body in the ground!

The fawning over a 93 year old man whose brain had long ago melted away from Alzheimer's is pathetic. This is not a man cut down in the prime of his life, this is man who lived a life that was greater and larger than most people who have ever been born. Enough already. No more tributes and 24 hour news coverage and weepy politicians and candidates trying to appropriate his image and resolutions to put his picture on the $10 bill. The guy was a good president, but he was no Washington. Or Lincoln. Or Roosevelt.

Reagan is dead. Bury him. NOW!

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