Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ellipses... could tell from my seat, about 25 rows off the visitors batting circle, that Prior didn't have it. I don't know exactly who was the first one to do so, but there were very few swinging strikes. If Prior can't make you miss, Prior doesn't have it.

...with the team 0-2 when Prior starts scoring a total of 7 runs, it's obvious to just about everyone that the offense that needs upgrading.

...and Sammy seems to have "decided" to take a rehab assignment in the minors. Bully for him. Anyone think he changed his mind? Or is it more likely that he was told, "You go!" by Dusty/Hendry? Put me down for option two.

...with more Prioresque leaking coming out of the Cubs on Wood's arm, you have to think that he'll be back no earlier than late July. All of Wrigley's bellwethers suggest Wood will be ready 10 to 12 days after starting to throw again. Then, the Trib sneaks in this line at the end of the story, "the Cubs believe they can afford to bring (Wood) back slowly, as they did with Prior, although Wood still is feeling some discomfort." See you in August, Kerry.

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