Thursday, July 29, 2004


With Brian Urlacher carted off the field yesterday, the White Sox collapsing, and Kerry Wood unable to get the pitcher out, is it time to look to Spring training 2005 yet?

I fear a long, cold winter of discontent.

Getting One Right

Phil Rogers makes the Nomar case today. And he nails every point. A must read if you still think Matt Clement is too valuable to trade.

What's fascinating about all the chatter is that someone was clearly way off yesterday. WGN's David Kaplan said in his 5 PM newscast that Jim Hendry and Theo Epstein talked about Garciappara yesterday. Kappy then quoted the Desipio-to-Ivy Chat-to-Friend-to-Kappy rumor of Clement, Gonzalez and Mitre as the particulars. Then, Bruce Miles and Mike Kiley both shot this down like a stationary clay pigeon. Bruce went so far to say that this was an old story, basically quashing the story that Hendry and Epstein were even talking.

Someone is way off, folks. I dunno who it is.

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