Friday, August 27, 2004

Finally Rolling?

We’ve all been waiting for the 2004 Cubs to get on a roll. One of those 13 in a row rolls like the Cubs had once under Don Baylor. Every time we thought we going to see one this year, the team backtracked. As recently as 3 weeks ago, the Cubs were flashing their shinny new Nomar toy and strolled into Pac Bell (or whatever it is now) on a nice win streak.

They proceeded to lose 6 of their next 9.

This team never seemed to be able to put anyone down for the count. They could have buried the Cardinals back in May. Didn’t do it. They could have put the Giants and Padres away earlier this month. Nope.

But all of the sudden, with Corey continuing his nova-hot streak (albeit with the strikeout rate starting to climb back to historical norms again), the Cubs have won 8 of 9. They needed to win about 9 of 13, I figured. Barring a complete tanking, they’ll exceed that. And that makes the 6 games with Florida coming up much less nerve wracking.

Deadening Birds

While I have no delusions that the Cardinals will fold, that they keep losing is huge for the Cubs. Their schedule has 12 of their next 15 against LA and San Diego. With the Cards magic number in the mid 20’s, and the Cubs needing several losses in San Diego, San Francisco and LA, having the Cards need to focus and win some games is a plus. Yes, we Cubs’ fans actually need to cheer for the Cards.

Unless they want to totally tank, that is.

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