Sunday, August 29, 2004

M-1 Abrams

What did I say? Barring a complete tanking?

Got to hand it to this team. I've never seen a team with the upper hand blow their cool and lose momentum as fast as this team does. And do so twice in a month!

This time, the bomb goes to Michael Barrett. Instead of letting his bat and his team do the talking, he decided to let his pie hole do it. And the Cubs followed him down the ailimentary and dropped like a big piece of diaper fodder all over Wrigley Field.

This team not only has too many talent holes, it has too many mental holes as well to be a true contender.

Add the Astros to the list of the Cardinals, Padres and Giants to team that they had a chance to bury and failed to do so. Fail to bury and enemy and they'll bite you. Fail to bury 4 enemies and expect to be defeated.

And Another Thing...

On June 24th I wrote, "the Cubs are going to regret this move (Beltran to Houston). In a huge way."

Just a reminder.

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