Monday, August 23, 2004

Worth A Thousand Candidates

God, I wish we could have a real choice among candidates. Give me some people with ideas. Some people with practical experience. Some people who can lead with idealism.

Instead, we get George Bush and John Kerry.

These two men distinguished themselves as leaders by getting elected. That's it. George has no record with discussing whatsoever. He's squandered the 90's financial legacy. He's destroyed his party's credibility as one of fiscal sanity. He's blown the ability for this country ever to act proactively against an aggressor nation by relying on shoddy intelligence. But then, what do you expect of an oilman who drills where they guess there is oil? And Bush's record in that area is bankruptcy. He did make a ton of cash owning the Texas Rangers, but did so on corporate welfare ($135 million in taxpayer finance - 7% of the project). Nice payola if you can get it.

John Kerry? Twenty years in the Senate and his best work is that he's not Ted Kennedy. He can't talk. He has no new ideas. He has two things going for him. He's not Bush and he served in Vietnam. For four months. Big deal.

We've got real problems in this country and neither guy has come up with a single idea worth talking about. Hence, 20 lying sacks of feces are besmirching Kerry's #1 attribute. And these two guys are falling all over each other nto to talk about these problems.

To both of you: Shut up.

I'm gonna vote this fall. But, as always, I'm not gonna be happy about it.

And I'm gonna be even less happy when the winner is announced.

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